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UWE just got a Responsible Futures accreditation


January 1, 2016

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We're really pleased to announce that the University of West of England and the Students' Union of UWE have received the Responsible Futures accreditation mark.

We've just given our first Responsible Futures accreditation since we rolled out the programme in full after a hugely successful pilot year.

This accreditation mark confirms that the institution and students' union are committed to embedding sustainability into their curriculums, and acts as a clear signal to prospective students who want to leave their time in education as global citizens prepared for the 21st century.

Dr Georgina Gough who led the university accreditation work said that "our education for sustainable development work has again been verified as meeting the highest standards. This accreditation represents the work of staff right across UWE and we look forward to continuing to enhance opportunities for students to engage with real world issues and communities as part of their time at the university."

Gem Heywood (VP Societies and Communications) and Rachel Colley (Community Manager), from the Students' Union at UWE added that "receiving this accreditation is the result of strong and effective partnership working between the SU and the University".

"This close working relationship has enabled us to not only significantly progress the ESD agenda, but also to develop relevant and exciting extra-curricular opportunities for students to expand their knowledge, develop their skills and 'be the change' in their community. We are extremely proud of all our students and their projects."

Responsible Futures provides a framework of action for institutions and students' unions to take in partnership, ensuring that education for sustainable development is at the heart of every student's experience. We're really proud that UWE has shown such commitment to this agenda, and this accreditation is testament to just how much they've excelled.

If you want to shape an education system which prepares your students for the challenges of the 21st century, get in touch and sign up for Responsible Futures today.