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We have a proven record of helping institutions catch up to student demand for sustainability education through a whole-institution approach.

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Responsible Futures was created 10 years ago to support students and staff to work in partnership to integrate sustainability and climate justice through the formal, informal and subliminal curriculum using a tried-and-tested framework of criteria.

With expert support from the team and shared cohort learning across all participating institutions, universities and colleges are supported to make transformative changes to their teaching and learning, strategies, and policies in partnership with their students.

Students and Staff at University of Worcester


the Responsible Futures audit, students are supported to have a voice in sustainability, which is something we cherish so



Student auditor

Coventry University and University of Worcester audit, 2022


of students would like to see sustainable development actively incorporated and promoted through all courses


of students say they agree their place of study should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development


of students say sustainable development is something they would like to learn more about

So, how does it happen?

We support you to:

  • Embed sustainability and climate justice in all student learning
  • Monitor your progress and reflect on impact
  • Celebrate your achievements  
  • Advance your work meaningfully, building on learnings and recommendations from students.
Partnership working through framework
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Ongoing peer learning
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Student-led audit
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Respondible Futures accreditation
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are very proud of this accreditation and what makes it special is that our students audit our performance. Our students are our harshest critics and strongest allies and partners in making



Rachel Colley

Students’ Union at UWE SU Community Manager 2022

"Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and programs like Responsible Futures are pivotal in cultivating a generation of students who are not only academically capable but also socially responsible and environmentally conscious. As the General Secretary of the All-Africa Students Union (AASU), I see these programs as essential in our mission to democratize education across Africa and ensure that it is inclusive and equitable."

Peter Kwasi KODJIE, Secretary General

"[Responsible Futures] helps us bring universities across the world to share learning and best practice through a common framework. The programme provides a common language - a way to focus on addressing issues of sustainable development. It's advantageous to have a programme like this, which ensures from the start that students can be engaged without having to go through the internal design through the university. They can collaborate with students from other universities and share learning."

Professor Andrew Deeks, Vice Chancellor and President of Murdoch University

"Responsible Futures is a fantastic initiative, offering collaboration between our students and staff to assess our sustainability credentials and examine where improvements can be made. The accreditation demonstrates our commitment to promoting sustainability to our students and gives our student base a voice in which to shape the way we operate. It has been great to be involved in the programme and be challenged by our students on the way we go about being sustainable. We would recommend it to other universities who are developing as a sustainable institution.”

Aled Williams, Executive Director – Innovation and Partnerships, University College of Estate Management (UCEM)

"Most of the crises that humanity has to face are the consequences of human decisions, taken in a professional context, by "normal" (intelligent and not evil) and often educated people. By improving sustainability literacy (knowledge, skills, and mindset), higher education institutions enable people to act more relevantly and effectively, with a clear conscience. By working with students, Responsible Futures contributes actively to transform the sector toward a desirable future."

Jean-Christophe Carteron, co-founder of the Sulitest

"Responsible Futures is a powerful tool for understanding the current sustainability position of an institution and for planning and implementing enhancement action. The process and outcomes should be integrated into an institution’s quality management processes and then reported throughout the organisation’s deliberative and executive functions including the senior team. In this way, understanding of the shared responsibility for ownership and identifying potential enhancement opportunities is maximised. Ultimately, Responsible Futures should become a process that engages the whole institution in sustainability action."

Professor James Longhurst, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Science Former Assistant Vice chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, University of the West of England

"Responsible Futures has been instrumental in helping institutions develop holistic learning experiences that respond appropriately to the climate emergency, which students increasingly demand from their time in higher education. This transformative framework has empowered the student voice through allowing students to hold their institutions accountable. "

Jack Ruane, University League Manager at People & Planet

“Equipping learners for their futures, by ensuring they develop the sustainability knowledge, skills and behaviours they need, is one of the most important things an education organisation can do to shape society for the better. Responsible Futures is a great programme for making that happen.”

Charlotte Bonner, CEO of the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EAUC)