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University of Derby


April 10, 2015

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The University of Derby & Union of Students have long standing connections with SOS-UK and the Responsible Futures accreditation was earned after their initial audit in 2022, highlighting the progress they had made in embedding sustainability into student learning. With their sights set on the future, the partnership is working collaboratively to ensure their accreditation remains intact for their upcoming audit in 2024.

Host Partnership

The partnership has taken the role of host partnership in 2022/23 delivering on webinar topics such as:

Highlights of work

2022 self-defined criteria

Key contacts

The university contact for the partnership is Chris Ribchester and the SU contact is Emma Taylor-Large. The University’s Responsible Futures Steering Group ensures that sustainable actions and initiatives are implemented.

“At Derby, Responsible Futures has been a catalyst for change, aligning well with the University’s commitment to embed Education for Sustainable Development into the curriculum and student experience. It has also provided a strong rationale for bringing together key academic and professional service colleagues, in collaboration with the Union of Students, to coordinate actions.”