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The Open University


April 10, 2015

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The Responsible Futures programme welcomed the Open University in 2022/2023. By joining forces, the Open University with the Responsible Futures programme aims to collaborate with their students on innovative initiatives and projects that will drive positive change in education and beyond. This exciting development opens up new avenues for knowledge sharing, collective action and paving the way for a more brighter and responsible future for all.

The partnership is currently striving to achieve their Responsible Futures accreditation in preparation for their upcoming 2024 audit.

Highlights of work

  • ESD Changemakers
  • SDG Curriculum mapping
  • Partnership work with OU Students Association

Key Contacts

The main contacts for the partnership are Teresa Cox and David Morse. The SU lead contacts are Lou Robinson and Jessica Smith.


“It’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with University colleagues on Responsible Futures accreditation. Students have been at the heart of this work, and we know the University values student views and input. Working towards collecting the evidence for the accreditation has been an opportunity to recognise and celebrate all of the good work which is happening across the Association and the University in relation to sustainability, but perhaps more importantly, has enabled us to identify opportunities and potential to improve.”