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Responsible Futures Host Partnerships 2020-21


December 1, 2020

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We are delighted to announce our 2020-21 Host Partnerships for Responsible Futures.

Students holding SDG (sustainable development goal) signs at De Montfort University.

Students at DMU learn about the SDGs.

We are delighted to announce that De Montfort University and De Montfort Students' Union and the University College of Estate Management and Student Representatives have been selected as the 2020-21 Host Partnerships for Responsible Futures.

Host partnerships play a leadership role in the Responsible Futures programme. These accredited partnerships apply and are selected each year to share their good practice and support other partnerships' learning and achievement of the RF accreditation. For many new partnerships, the support of those who have achieved accreditation can provide useful tips and guidance and for those more established partnerships, the sharing of ideas, successes, and challenges as a part of a cohort forms a key part of the programme.

Hear from both Host Partnerships below:

"DMU and DSU are proud to be Responsible Futures Host Partnerships for 2020/21. We know that DMU students are the engineers, journalists, accountants, artists, designers, and policymakers of tomorrow. With the right skills, attributes, and learning, DMU graduates can make sustainable choices throughout their careers, thereby contributing to a society which seeks to end poverty, help protect the planet and ensure good quality of life for all. We are looking forward to sharing our approach with, and learning from other participating partnerships in the Programme."


"We are delighted to become a Responsible Futures Host Partnership for 2020-21. We have been huge supporters and active participants of the Responsible Futures initiative since becoming the first online institution to gain accreditation in 2018, and this is the next step in strengthening our relationship with the scheme. Sustainability is hugely important to us as custodians of an institution which trains professionals to go out and create a better Built Environment, and we see Responsible Futures as a potential game-changer for the Further Education and Higher Education sectors. In my opinion, every education provider should sign up to Responsible Futures to work in collaboration with their learners to ensure sustainability is embedded throughout the organisation and I hope we can inspire more providers to get involved in our role as a Host Partnership for the scheme."

Ashley Wheaton, Principal

"I am really excited for UCEM to become a host partner for Responsible Futures. My first involvement with UCEM beyond my learning was for their Responsible Futures accreditation and it's great to see them moving beyond an internal view on their own practices, to an external consideration for how they can inspire and support other institutions to do the same. UCEM have a passion for sustainability and have demonstrated consistently their view on the importance of integrating this into teaching practice for future generations within their own institution, and it's fantastic that now they can share their experience and knowledge with other HEIs seeking to do the same."

Vicki Grimshaw, Student Ambassador for Sustainability

We are excited for another impactful year of Responsible Futures with a broad range of colleges and universities taking part across the UK and are grateful to this year's two host partnerships for the leadership and guidance they will provide to the programme.

If you are interested in learning more about Responsible Futures please visit the website, view the sign-up details, or contact Meg Baker.

Student auditors at UCEM for the 2020 Responsible Futures audit.